Loyalty wallet to enable trust at scale

Users and their interactions are real value for you. Work with us to put value behind every user interactions that benefits your ecosystem.

Get users to join, engage and share in your product

Crypto economics is incentivizing behaviors which are useful for your ecosystem and penalizing harmful ones.

Create Coins

and use them to motivate desirable user actions helpful for your ecosystem

Build Virality

convert your engaged users into advocaters who share your brand

VIP Levels

to create exclusive experiences for your best users with increased rewards and status

Increase Engagement

use our ready to integrate widgets or build experiences linked with our APIs

Provide redemptions

with Kwegg's own redemptions dashboard to add partner brands and their redemption options from your coins.

Trust with Transparency

For your users

Show them a ledger of all their micro-interactions turning to incentive as well as redemptions in the wallet screen

For Business

Be on top of what incentives work best, drive campaigns around incentives; know what redemptions your customers like, and what motivates them most. Integrate with your favorite BI tool.

Create rules to reward coins

Process events real-time and incentivizes users with Kwegg rules engine.

Configurable from dashboard
Rules put on event parameters
Events frequency capped rewards
Streak based rewards
Hybrid of all rules
Custom AI algorithms

Manage rewards, brands, codes and offers

Create redemption options for user coins. With advanced offers targeting, personalize offers based upon defined parameters.

Create brand partnerships or work with network brands.

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    $0.04/ transaction


    • 150000 Transactions Monthly Tier

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    $0.05/ mo


    • 60000 Transactions Monthly Tier


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    • For transactions beyond 150000
    • Customizations
    • Unlimited API Requests
    • Coupled and on-premise deployments

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Learn more by contacting us.

    • Custom Programmatic Rules
    • Kwegg provides Programmatic Rules Engine. Kwegg shares filtered events configured in the dashboard to the configured service endpoints, which can programmatically return reward to be shared for the event. 

    • Supported third party blockchains
    • Kwegg Blockchain as a Service can integrate with most blockchains. For specific queries, please discuss with us.  

    • Data Protection Compliance
    • Kwegg is built to be data protection policy compliant, encrypted at rest and transient. We work with custom Business Associate Agreements depending on the license. 

    Engage, Motivate, Incentivise, Track, Grow

    Build partnerships, get access to existing redemption partners, expand your marketing capabilities and enhance program profitability.

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