This article will talk about how admins can configure streak-based rules over events to calculate incentives. If you have used Snapchat or GitHub actively, you would already know about users’ streak-based motivation. It’s a way of exciting users to do an activity consistently; let’s say every day for seven times without a miss to make users’ habits. Snapchat does it very well by introducing streaks of consecutive days you talk to a friend. The longer you can go without breaking up the streaks, the stronger is your bond with a friend. Snapchat streaks became a default way to quantify success on social media.

To summarise, Kwegg is a blockchain-based engagement economics infrastructure. It works to put a value or token behind every user interaction and to build an advanced financial model for your business application. Kwegg assists your application to listen and keep a record of all the events performed by the user. Then helps you configure various rules to reward the users.

There are several ways to configure rules with Kwegg. You can either customize rules in a template or can create your own streak-based rules programmatically. Each event or user action can have multiple rules with a priority and gets rewards accordingly. For example, a user watched a video for 10 minutes, earned 100 points, watch a video for 20 minutes earned 200 coins.

Kwegg has built a sophisticated rules engine where admin can create rules ranging from very simple rules like if a user does an event e.g. likes a video to giving the ability to your developers to create machine learning infrastructure or any custom rules algorithmically on your side and hook it with Kwegg infrastructure via very simple to configure programmatic rules. Drop us an email at to learn more about these and set up a demo. 

You can create a new event on a user-friendly dashboard provided and select the feature streak-based reward type.

You can then select the number of values, frequency, and several consecutive days streak to follow to get the rewards.

The image below is the event dashboard, which shows the reward type, status, and occurrences (user actions).

With reference to the business mindset, there are tons of benefits associated with streak-based rules engine implementation. Streaks encourage users and form a habit by creating a learning pattern of an application. It motivates customers by showing their progress and offering rewards. This way enhances the user experience and uplifts the promotions of a platform to another level. Streaks are somewhat similar to gamification techniques. You get a coin for every action performed.

With the execution of an advanced blockchain application, Kwegg aims to serve B2B and B2C financial models. Kwegg’s own redemptions dashboard allows adding partner brands. It ensures data protection under policy compliance. We will help you expand your business marketing capabilities and boost your program profitability.