Kwegg is an innovative approach to incentivize users with points backed by a trusted and transparent blockchain technology with the sole purpose of boosting yours and your company’s growth, rewarding users for their micro-interactions, which are helpful for your ecosystem. Digital coins and reward systems have taken over the digital market and e-wallets. With Kwegg, businesses can create their coin or points, create a wallet for the user, and incentivize with micro-interactions they are doing over their app. They can define how much rewards should be given for every custom micro-interaction and have advanced control like a streak of behaviors etc., over such rules. Users can redeem these rewards by providing users with offers. Kwegg delivers the ability to create and maintain all offers redeemable by points. All their tech team needs to do is drop in our SDK to your app, push user actions to our system, and Kwegg does the rest of the job.

Loyalty systems are enacted by the businesses to reward their loyal customers or application users. This rewarding technique has been under practice by several renowned companies to turn their new users into loyal customers. There are various rewarding ways (like cashback, rebate programs, earning points, discounts, coins, etc.) using which businesses increase their customer retention period. This system also helps to attract new users to the application. Despite these advantages, this current methodology to incentivize users has several limitations. Generally, companies only keep track of users making purchases but ignore the micro-interactions (like a review, likes, share, etc.). They usually miss out on capturing and pushing users’ small interactions leading to results.

It’s time to step away from rewarding based solely on monetary transactions and begin providing incentives for non-transactional behaviors. A good loyalty program recognizes the customer on an individual level, meets their needs, and creates an enjoyable experience. It’s challenging to provide this type of customer experience exclusively at the point of sale. With Kwegg, systems can motivate users to make interactions helpful for their ecosystem to grow with their coins.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that allows a secured transmission of data as data is stored globally on numerous servers, making it difficult for one person to gain control of the complete network. This technology carries great potential to support the robust financial ecosystem.

Blockchain has the following features which benefit the incentivization economy:

  • Transparency, where all users know there is fair incentivization.
  • The use of blockchain creates trust as transactions immutable.
  • Blockchain tokenization enables new opportunities to create an ecosystem that fairly rewards all participants.
  • Micro-transactions are possible at almost no cost.

With the execution of an advanced blockchain application, Kwegg aims to serve B2B and B2C financial models. Kwegg provides an innovative and secured platform with a user-friendly interface that can expand your business marketing capabilities.