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Drive your content rocket ship with World's #1 Content Productivity System

Create, brainstorm, manage and publish blogs with Kwegg AI. Kwegg innovates your publishing with features such as title suggestions, AI-generated content, content collaboration, and content pipelines. 

Start as low as 19.95 USD per month exceeding your content quality and volume expectations like never before

AI Content Generation is sluggish process without right pipelines in place for efficient, quality and volume conscious companies. Kwegg is your content productivity system for supercharged growth.

Join 100+ companies supercharging their growth with us

Get the most out of your AI-driven content management system with Kwegg’s suite of tools that help you control, manage and streamline content generation. Easily create blog sites from scratch in Kwegg or publish to your existing site and increase productivity by minimum 10x.

Cost Savings by 100x+
Kwegg helps companies save on labor costs as it automates content creation and editing processes, allowing them to allocate resources to more important tasks of reviewing results across various stages and briefing Kwegg to generate desired content.
Improved Quality
Kwegg uses AI, trained for your business to generate superior content that is more engaging and informative than content produced manually. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and more successful marketing campaigns.
Increase Productivity 10x
Kwegg helps streamline content production and ensures that content is created and published in a timely manner, helping teams quickly and efficiently produce quality content.

Streamline your content publishing

Unlike other AI tools, Kwegg collects your company overview and brief for each content to be generated helping you create content never imagined to be created using AI which is generally creating generic content until now. 

Sign up and create workspace

Provide company overview and default tone

Review and accept generated titles

Edit generated outlines and introduction

Review and edit the generated draft

Publish content on your blog site

Get discovered more with increased audience engagement

On average, founders using Kwegg can create one blog post per day, whereas dedicated content experts can generate tens of blog posts per day.

$ m+
Cost Saved
+ %
Avg. Increase in Traffic
Blogs Generated
Faster Blog Creation with Kwegg

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What We Do

Learn how our AI generated content productivity suite disrupts your growth

Completely Trainable
Automatically generate titles and outlines, reviewing and editing at each stage to better control the output quality for blog posts based on keywords, blogs brief and the company’s overview.
Managed Strategies
Creating Listicles such as "10 Best...", feature benefits, glossaries, expanding all outlines at once ( more context ), or expanding outlines separately ( longer content, possibility of ideas repeatition ), we got it all covered for you.
Integrate with existing blog platforms such as WordPress, allowing users to easily publish their content.
Create company workspaces for teams to collaborate on content.
Workflow Management
Utilize AI-driven algorithms to enable content writers to optimize their workflow and create better content.
Simplified Reporting
Provide analytics and insights to help users track the performance of their content.

100% Completely Customised Workflows

We would be delighted to discuss with you how Kwegg can help increase your productivity by customizing your pipelines and providing a dashboard to view your current processes.

Generate superior content faster and easier

With Kwegg, businesses are able to produce quality content quickly, organizedly, and with minimal effort. Kwegg streamlines content creation with its AI-driven stages of content generation, such as title generation, content outline, and draft generation. This helps businesses save time and resources while creating content that is optimized for maximum engagement. Additionally, businesses can seamlessly integrate Kwegg with their existing blog sites, such as WordPress, and even create their own blog sites right from Kwegg. All this makes Kwegg an invaluable tool for businesses looking to create superior content quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The only AI content generation tool with customized workflows

Will this reduce my cost? How much?

Kwegg can help you reduce your cost of content creation significantly. Depending on your current content creation process, you may be able to reduce your costs by up to 100x. Additionally, Kwegg can help you save time by automating the process of content creation and publishing. By using Kwegg to create your content, you can reduce the amount of time you spend creating content, freeing up more time for other tasks.

What's setup like? Do I have time for this?

Setting up Kwegg is very easy and takes no more than a few minutes. Once you have registered for an account, you can start using Kwegg right away. You can also customize the settings to suit your needs. Kwegg also provides support for integrations with other popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Webflow etc, so you can publish your content to your existing blog sites.

How does this compare to other AI content generation tools?

Kwegg is quite different from existing tools in that it focuses on content productivity and management, rather than just content generation. Kwegg provides a content productivity board with stages for generating titles, outlines and introductions, and drafts, which users can modify at any stage. Kwegg also allows users to create their own blog sites from the platform, or to integrate existing blog sites like WordPress, Webflow etc. 

Does Kwegg leverage AI?

Yes, Kwegg leverages AI to help businesses publish superior content. Kwegg provides a content productivity board with stages such as generated titles, outlines and introduction, draft generated which are all powered by AI. Kwegg also uses AI to keep generating titles filling the first stage which users can accept or reject.

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The only AI content generation tool with customized workflows

Start as low as 19.95 USD per month

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