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‘Help Me Write’ Feature for Gmail

What if an AI-powered tool could help you write emails faster and more efficiently? Well, it looks like Google has come to the rescue with their latest feature for Gmail, called “Help Me Write”. We’ll explore how this new technology works and how it can save you time and improve your email writing skills. We’ll […]

Google Bard is now available in India

One of the latest developments in the world of AI is Google Bard, a conversational chatbot that has finally been introduced in India today. With its advanced features and engaging responses, Bard is set to give OpenAI’s ChatGPT a run for its money. Powered by Google’s latest language model, PaLM 2, Bard boasts impressive capabilities […]

Why some AI-Generated Articles are not Indexed by Search Engines & best practices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way content is generated. Today, AI-generated articles are increasingly becoming popular among bloggers, businesses, and publishers. It’s no secret that generating high-quality content is vital for your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking. However, did you know that some AI-generated articles are not indexed by search engines? Search […]

Transform Your Content with Kwegg’s Latest Features: Expand, Shrink, and Rephrase with Ease!

Introduction Welcome to Kwegg, where we revolutionize content creation with the latest cutting-edge features! In this article, we’re excited to introduce our newest tools that will help you transform your content like never before. With Kwegg, you can easily Expand, Shrink, and Rephrase your drafts to make them truly unique and engaging. Whether you’re a […]