Kwegg is an ingenious vista to augment the incentivization methodology and model up the businesses’ economic infrastructure. It provides an innovative and secured platform with a user-friendly interface that can expand your business marketing capabilities. 

Application users will feel encouraged to get engaged with the reward system served.

The activities hub will store all the user micro-interactions or activities on your application backed by blockchain’s trust. Blockchain enables transparency, immutability, and decentralization. It puts up a robust, secured, and trusted business ecosystem for the brand and the customers. 

Kwegg provides an easy to configure rules engine which application owners can configure to incentivise users based on their activities.. Kwegg SDK integrated with your application allows you to create rules on those activities performed by the users, such as 10 coins on reviewing a product, 100 coins on watching a video ten times, etc.

Subsequently, to incentivize user activities are converted into coins or points. Businesses can decide the redemption technique applied to points through which a user can spend the earned points or coins. The users could be placed into several user-levels as per their achievements or rewards combined. Using various interactive gifs, stickers, assign fancy names or ranks, users feel motivated. Such as Snapchat showing flame emoji when you exchange snaps with your friend for more than 3 days in a row, grimacing face emoji if you are exchanging snaps for a long time, etc.

With interchangeable blockchain-based points; the users can do the coins swap for different brands. All the companies and brands are under the same roof of blockchain and, using the same ecosystem of incentivizing their consumers, could exchange points or coins. For example, Flipkart and Zomato coins get swapped as per the user’s requirement, interchanging blockchain-based crypto coins, etc. Kwegg’s Rewards marketplace allows companies to provide various coupons to serve their customers out of it. Such as a customer taking 50% off Amazon’s coupon in exchange for 100 points on your application. Moreover, the Widget marketplace for businesses allows you to promote your business. It’s like creating Facebook widgets, setting feedback questionnaires for users and giving points, etc.

To achieve the above-mentioned, Kwegg has built a user-friendly dashboard where admin can create rules ranging from elementary to developers creating machine learning infrastructure. Businesses can also create coins and build redemptions.Gamification approach can be applied for motivating the users. It encourages loyalty to a platform and drives participation. Kwegg forks out several templates to ease the rules creation for admin.

Kwegg’s own redemptions dashboard allows adding partner brands. It also ensures data protection under policy compliance. 
Kwegg provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) to numerous diverse businesses. All your tech team needs to do is drop in our SDK to your app, push user actions to our system, and we do the rest of the job.