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Few months ago, we began working on Talker.Network – A service designed to cater to an industry where Product-Led Growth (PLG) practices are unheard of. It is a walkie-talkie application tailored for organizations reliant on frontline employees – and typically, sales for applications like these take place on enterprise-level deals.

Before we start, we have started ranking top on the most specific industry keyword for this application with CPC as high as 10 USD generating at least 100 clicks every day on that one keyword. Just do the maths of saving money on Google Ads for them.

However, we managed to crack the code and Talker.Network garners several downloads on a daily basis with just organic content amplification methods. How did we manage to do it?

Breaking Away From the Traditional Strategies – And Not Re-Inventing the Wheel Either!

We’re committed to crafting bespoke success playbooks for each client. We avoid generic strategies laden with jargon, half-baked techniques, and the monotonous repetition of redundant tasks. Such conventional approaches not only prove unstimulating but also constitute a loss of valuable time and resources for both us and our clients.

Our clients trust our devised processes – this grants us the opportunity to experiment and differentiate ourselves in a landscape filled with competitors. They are well-acquainted with the fact that 99% of companies have time and again used the same approach, and they are obsolete. This is exemplified by the commoditization of services that are often touted in sales pitch decks, such as Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) – and they’re now sold on platforms like Fiverr for $50 or so.

It is imperative to recognize that Google has evolved into an AI-driven entity that comprehends context, shifting away from its status as a mere keyword search engine.

Here’s how we worked our expertise on content-driven product growth with Talker.Network :

1. Identifying the Competition

Our initial focus was the identification of Talker’s competitors. Subsequent research revealed that the majority of competitors acquire their primary leads through two specific subjects: “push-to-talk apps” and “walkie-talkie apps.”

It is crucial to understand the distinction between topics and keywords. Therefore, it is essential to acquaint oneself with Google’s recent search ranking update known as RankBrain.

2. Leveraging the Latest Google SEO Updates: Understanding RankBrain

RankBrain shifts the emphasis from keywords to topics – for example, Google converges “Walkie Talkie Apps” and “Push To Talk Apps” into essentially the same thematic category. Prior to the advent of RankBrain, Google’s search results primarily featured articles that featured only push-to-talk apps when users entered the “Push-to-Talk” keyword.

However, following RankBrain’s implementation, Google began presenting articles, and blogs with authority on “walkie-talkie apps” for searches related to “push-to-talk apps,” owing to the shared search intent between the two keywords.

3. Building Expertise, and Authority in Content: Importance of E-E-A-T

Google has forever emphasized on the importance of E.E.A.T. (Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness) in any content. Trustworthiness is a particularly noteworthy aspect of this framework. Determining trustworthiness is not solely dependent on domain age or the quantity of backlinks. It is heavily influenced by domain authority within a specific field.

Consequently, when a user seeks information on a subject like a walkie-talkie app, comprehensive coverage across a range of related topics becomes important. Therefore, we focused on including articles such as “Understanding Walkie Talkie Apps,” “Comparing Smartphone-based Walkie Talkie Apps to Hardware Walkie Talkies,” and “Converting Your Smartphone into a Walkie Talkie,” among others.

These topics address user queries and demonstrate a domain’s grasp of the subject matter, ultimately contributing to the establishment of topical authority. Let us break this down for you.

Step 1: Establishing Topical Authority with Our AI-Driven Algorithm

Kwegg’s AI algorithms efficiently handle the task of establishing topical authority. When presented with a particular subject, Kwegg conducts keyword research and categorizes keywords to determine the titles for content pieces that enhance topical authority.

This process differs from traditional keyword-focused strategies, as it does not solely rely on the keyword volume associated with these topics. Instead, the emphasis lies on establishing authority so that any title around the topic receives the highest priority in search results. We also do not shy away from certain keywords that may have minimal search volume – they are indeed crucial for the development of domain authority around the topic. Doing so will certainly will result in top-ranking positions for all related keywords across various articles.

Step 2: We Understand Your Business and We’ll Help You Identify Cornerstone Content

Our understanding of businesses and user behavior is crucial in determining the primary target customers and their needs that directly impact the success. In the case of Talker, our research revealed that the most significant demand among customers pertained to queries such as “Best Walkie Talkie Apps” and “Best Push To Talk Apps.”

With our clear objective of establishing topical authority and achieving top rankings for these critical keywords, we started working on two cornerstone articles. It is worth noting that during this phase, we observed that the domains occupying the top positions for these keywords possessed a Domain Authority (DA) of 50+ and an average age of 10 years, while Talker had recently attained a DA of 20.

That did not discourage us or deter us from our goal – we were confident in our unique approach, recognizing that no other entity was pursuing a similar strategy. We diligently, and continuously refined our winning content, persistently working towards achieving our ranking goals. The following is an overview of our initial major cornerstone article: 5 Best Push-to-Talk Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023.

This is pretty odd for a company to list down its competitors – but hey, we told you we’re different! You can go through the article and you will understand how it actually is better. You start owning the narratives therefore leading the thought!

Step 3: A Refined Approach Towards Backlinking

We leave no room for oversight. We boast a dedicated team of experts who diligently craft manual backlinks. Algorithmic backlinks are strictly off the table, as they often prove counterproductive. We recognize It is imperative to amass a substantial array of anchor links. Thus, our standard practice entails the creation of 25 to 30 submissions per topical authority, ensuring to surpass the backlink authority of leading articles.

Step 4: Consistently Monitoring Keyword Rankings

Monitoring the ranking of Cornerstone Articles is an integral part of our daily operations. If we observe any decline in our rankings, our dedicated team of backlink experts and editors strive to ensure our resurgence to the top positions. There is no room for complacency when occupying the coveted top-page spot, given the relentless competition backed by multimillion-dollar marketing budgets, in contrast to our resourceful engagement with a mere thousand-dollar investment.

However, we can confidently affirm our ultimate victory. Our distinctive advantage lies in the formidable capabilities of our AI and algorithms, an unparalleled asset setting us apart from all others in the field.

Most Importantly, We’re Driven By Results!

You’ve heard enough from us – and as a wise man once said a picture (maybe, a screenshot) speaks more than a thousand words :

We’re Not Just Playing a Different Game, We’re in a Distinct League

Goodbye to the age-old, repeated, redundant content implication practices that basically don’t do anything. Our result speaks for itself – and joining hands with us to grow your product with good content is a no-brainer!

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