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Google Relevance Boost: Content System Update

Google has announced an upcoming algorithm update that aims to improve the search experience. By prioritizing content with unique expertise and a focus on helping and informing users. The update is set to roll out in the coming months. It will enable Google to better understand and rank content created from a personal or expert […]

Google – The tech giant evolving as an “AI-first” company

Google’s recent I/O event was a thrilling showcase of AI-centered innovations. The tech giant made it clear that it is evolving as an “AI-first” company. Let’s start exploring AI First Google. Here’s the brief: (sign up for those charming waitlists ASAP) Duet AI for Google Workspace enhancements, including AI in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides […]

‘Help Me Write’ Feature for Gmail

What if an AI-powered tool could help you write emails faster and more efficiently? Well, it looks like Google has come to the rescue with their latest feature for Gmail, called “Help Me Write”. We’ll explore how this new technology works and how it can save you time and improve your email writing skills. We’ll […]